We wholeheartedly host travelers with a short term working visa, especially those who are members of Wwoof New Zealand or HelpX. In exchange for 4-5 hours of work – at Joya it generally comes down to the morning hours only – you’ll get free board and lodging. We have met some wonderful people this way. And without this help Joya’s gardens wouldn’t look the way they do!

Wwoof (stands for Willing Workers On Organic Farms) is mainly for those wanting to learn more about organics – check out their website. It is an international organization offering a lot of options in other countries as well. Then there is a third option: Servas, an initiative from the United Nations that also might work well when you are travelling on a budget.

Occasionally we also allow guests who come here for workshops or courses to work for their accommodation. For more information on what’s on offer in that respect, check out

And another special invite to aspiring immigrants.

Being immigrants ourselves we can relate to the motives and challenges related to such an adventure and would happily give advice to those pondering the move. Not in the sense of a professional consultation but as a simple gesture towards newcomers since starting all over can be an appealing yet daunting affair.
So feel free to let me know in case you’d be interested in discussing your plans while you are here.